“PRO.ACT” Fest

International Theatre Festival in English in the centre of Kyiv - in support of Ukraine - here and now
Aug 20-21 PRO.ACT Fest V "Unbreakable" (Kyiv section)
Kyiv, Les Kurbas Centre, 23V Volodymyrska
Theatre performances in English, acting workshops with foreign and Ukrainian coaches, English-speaking atmosphere of the Festival. We want to draw the attention of the whole World to Ukraine back again. And yes, our theme this year is "Unbreakable". Because we are
Aug 20 (Sat)
14:00 performance "English Songs as Poetry" (almost stand up)
15:00 acting workshop with Hon Chong (improv for actors and non-actors)
16:00 performance "Love At Times" - ProEnglish Theatre (a musical and choreography at a blockpost)
17:00 acting workshop with Tania Shelepko (together as one)
18:00 performance "The New World Order" - ProEnglish Theatre
performance "The Book of Sirens" - ProEnglish Theatre
(stories from the bomb shelter)
Aug 21 (Sun)
13:00-14:00 dance flash-mob "Ukrainian Army Helps"
14:00 acting workshop with Aileen Gonsalves (UK) (Gonsalves Method)
15:00 performance "Otvetka.UA" - Worldwide Ukrainian Play Readings (Australia/Germany)
16:00 acting workshop with Max Burlaka (Geometry of Movement)
17:00 performance "L_UKR_ECE" - Tanya Shelepko (Romania/Poland)
18-00 performance "Bloom in Violence" - ProEnglish Theatre (healing ritual)
PRO.ACT Fest - annual International Theatre Festival in English. Founded in 2018. This year in spite of Russia war on Ukraine, PRO.ACT Fest V gets just bigger. We united 20 international theatres in support of Ukraine.
tickets to Kyiv section of the Festival are available at:
Aug 20 admission (300uah)
Aug 21 admission (300uah)
Aug 20-21 - 2-days admission (500uah)
International Theatre Festival in English in support of Ukraine - here and now
Aug 13-31 different theatres from all over the world will present their performances in online format at PRO.ACT Fest V
15 Theatre performances in English in support of Ukraine. We want to draw the attention of the whole World to Ukraine back again. And yes, the theme of the Festival this year is "Unbreakable". Because we are
Aug 13 (Sat) 7pm Velvet Determination (Cynthia Shaw Simonoff) UNITED STATES
Aug 14 (Sun) 7pm Out of The Blue (Out of The Blue Productions) UNITED STATES
Aug 15 (Mon) 6pm Make Up NoLogoProductions (UK)
Aug 16 (Tue) 7pm unHOWsed (Tashmadada) Australia
Aug 17 (Wed) 7pm Waiting for the Ship to Sail & Crime of the Century (Chickenshed) UNITED KINGDOM
Aug 19 (Fri) 7pm RAW Workshop with Alina (ProEnglish Drama School) UKRAINE
Aug 22 (Mon) 7pm Shattered (Diana E Varco) UNITED STATES
Aug 23 (Tue) 7pm Django in Pain (Por Piedad Teatro & PlayCo) UNITED STATES
Aug 24 (Wed) 7pm The little world (The Giddy Round) UNITED STATES
Aug 25 (Thu) 7pm Spitting In The Face Of The Devil (JMTC Theatre) UNITED STATES
Aug 26 (Fri) 7pm SELL ME: I Am from North Korea (North Korea Theater) UNITED STATES
Aug 27 (Sat) 7pm Top Story (Optimist Creations) UNITED KINGDOM
Aug 28 (Sun) 7pm The Duchess of Malfi (Vaulting Ambition) UNITED KINGDOM
Aug 29 (Mon) 7pm Songs to my Dog at Midnight (Janet Cost-Chretien) UNITED KINGDOM
Aug 30 (Tue) 7pm Right Left with Heels (STIGMAcollective) UNITED KINGDOM
time is mentioned as UK time
performances are available at the page of our official partner of Online Section - SCENESAVER https://www.scenesaver.co.uk/festivals/proactfest/
There's no ticket to buy to watch things at Scenesaver. You just have to register with you email in one click - and there you are. Hundreds of theatre performances from all over the world
We welcome the donations to PRO.ACT Fest though. These guys are struggling to keep the Art in Ukraine going and to raise awareness of Ukraine in the World
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