Ukraine. War. Texts 3.0 First Steps

ProEnglish Theatre of Ukraine, World of English Speaking Theatres and Worldwide Ukrainian Play Readings invite you to the Stage readings of contemporary Ukrainian playwrights. This time we are going to stage read only the plays that have NEVER been staged before. Hence the name FIRST STEPS. We want new names and new works to be heard.
October 9 (Sun) International Section (in English)
1. text by Andrii May “23, 24, 25”
directed by Nick Bamford (UK)
2. text by Volodymyr Serdiuk “Pressure Level Pulse Rate”
directed by Amaan Ahmad (India)
actors: Pavlo Vlasenko, Natalia Rybalkina
3. text by Neda Nezhdana “Closed Sky”
directed by Rasa Niurkaitė (Scotland)
actors: Veronika Streltsova, Natalia Ponomarova, Kira Meshcherska, Jasmina Sotelo
4. text by Alex Borovenskiy “Bayonet”
directed by Deborah Wayne Leiser-Moore (Australia)
actor: Dan Vynohradov
“Our ResponsAbility”
PREMIERE of ProEnglish Theatre
written and directed by Vitalii Havura
actors: Alina Zievakova, Daniil Prymachov, Kateryna Hordienko, Alem Kent
After showcase we’ll have a discussion with creators, experts and audience
location: Les Kurbas Centre (Kyiv, 23V Volodymyrska)
Admission for Kyiv audience: 300UAH
tickets for Oct 8:
tickets for Oct 9:
for international audience you will be able to watch the stream at https://facebook.com/ProEnglishTheatre
we welcome the donation in one of 3 ways:
1) https://patreon.com/proenglish_theatre (monthly support in the amount you choose)
2) https://paypal.com (email: proenglishtheatre@gmail.com) (one-time donation in USD or Euro)
3) Privatbank 5363542013236527 (hryvna)
We thank Artem Gusev for permission to use his work in the event poster

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