The New World Order

The New World Order is a 12 minutes nerve wrecking show, one of the most intense and definitely the shortest play of Harold Pinter.
The performance New World Order was born in the bomb shelter and inspired by different political statements regarding the war and how they correspond with the life of the people who are out of the “game” but only suffer from it.
The New World Order – a one act play written by Harold Pinter in 1991. The year when Ukraine became independent. The year when New World Order was supposed to take place and promote democracy. It failed.
Des – Valera Simonchuck
Lionel – Alina Zievakova
Blindfolded Man – Daniil Prymachov
Visual design consultant – Julia Anna Simonchuk
Sound director and pianist – Oleksii Afanasiev
Poster artwork – Valera Simonchuk
Directed by Tetiana Shelepko
ProEnglish Theatre Production

ProEnglish Theatre