The Birthday Party, ProEnglish Theatre performance
Comedy of menace

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Why to watch The Birthday Party?
1. It’s comic. However, sometimes, it’s not funny at all.
2. This is a story about us when we don’t tell the truth and what really matters hiding behind small talk.
3. This is a story about why it’s worth going for a dream and what happens when we don’t do this.
4. It’s about what you have to pay sometimes for innocent jokes and games.
5. It’s an opportunity to hear good English in the center of Kyiv and enjoy brilliant acting.

The Birthday Party is a comedy of menace full of exquisite British humor.
It’s the story of a failed pianist Stanley. He was dreaming for too long and did not dare to reach for his own dream, and eventually found himself in a trap of a routine.
The creators of this routine – the owners of the house where Stanley stayed – Meg and Petey, and their friend Lulu, also have their own secrets and sins that are revealed when two mysterious strangers arrive at the house. They arrange a birthday party for Stanley, but the party turns into a nightmare.

Directed by Tanya Shelepko

If you like answers more than questions and hope to be entertained since it is a comedy, think twice before coming.

P.S. “The Birthday Party” is performed in English.

Feb 13 (Sat) 19:00
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