SWIPE LEFT, a performance based on the play by Harold Tinder and loosely resembling a plot by Paolo Genovese’s “Perfetti Sconosciutti”

If you gave your phone to a friend for a night… would you still be friends by the end? Join us for a dark comedy about the secrets we hide from our friends… and ourselves. An Italian comedy explores the troubles of technology and how we handle it while remaining human.

In Smartphone We Trust! – but how much? Do we have more things to hide, than previous generations? Are we more social? Are we more public?

Explore it all with the veteran actors of ProEnglish Theater – winner of two awards at Odessa Theatre Festival “Moloko”-2019

Join us, but remember to turn your phones off)

Lele – Vladimir Zubkov
Carlotta – Marya Telizhenko

Rocco – Valeriy Simonchuk
Eva – Valeria Zubchenko
Sofia – Eve Zaytseva
Cosimo – Bohdan Basenko
Bianca – Kateryna Khozroshyna
Pepe – Pavlo Moroz/David Duduchava
Lele – Владимир Зубков
Carlotta – Marya Telizhenko

Directed by Alex Borovenskiy

Production of ProEnglish Theatre

Premiered on May 04, 2019

In the top ten of 2019 of theatre critic Serge Vinnichenko (“Theatrical Fishing”)
Best Ensemble award of “Homo Ludens 2019” (Ukraine, Mykolaiv)

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