Save The Light | Barons Court Theatre, UK | Kyiv

Save the Light
Stories from Ukrainian Basements
Nov 12 (Sat) 17:00
ProEnglish Theatre Hub (Kyiv, 3 Family Brodskih)
admission: donation
We’ll screen the performance and that we’ll have an online discussion with the production team!
The play tells the story of hope and heartache in times of war from the perspective of those living through it, created by a Ukrainian refugee-led group of theatre makers.
Save the Light by Polina Pologenceva
The true story of a woman and her daughter fleeing the war in Ukraine in spring 2022. Told with humour and humanity, Polina’s story offers a unique insight into life as a refugee not seen on the news.
Polina says that drama is the most honest way for her to communicate with the world. When she writes her words and create the lines, she tries to write freely, free speech is central to her work. Now there are many things she wants to express since the war started. She is trying to find a new language for this. After 2 months on the road via Hungary, Italy and now being here in London, she has a certain distance to the events that took place. she can rethink reality.
Polina Pologenceva is a Ukrainian playwright who used to live in Kyiv, Dnipro and Zaporizhzhia. Polina’s plays were presented at Kyiv theaters Roof and PostPlayTheatre, as well as in Zaporizhzhia’s New Drama Theater. The premiere of my play Don’t Be Crazy in Wild Theatre took place in January 2022: The premiere of my play Grandma and Grandpa Have Sex was prepared for stage production in May 2022 at the Theater of Playwrights. The director of the play was Antonina Romanova. Polina now lives in London, UK.
Playwright: Polina Pologenceva
Directors: Anastazie Toros and Bogdana Orleanova
Cast: Shirley Both, Dean Coffey, Valeriia Poholsha, Ana Weaver
Dramaturg: Sharon Willems
Translation: John Farndon
Producer: Kibo Productions
created by Barons Court Theatre
screening and discussion in Kyiv is organized by ProEnglish Theatre of Ukraine and WEST (World of English Speaking Theatres) Association

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