The piece is dedicated to the opera singer Vasyl Spivak and a soldier with the code name “Myth”. It was written by Ukrainian playwright Neda Nezhdana after the start of the war conflict in the Donbas region of Ukraine.
What to do when you are invited to be a maid of honour to the country on the other side of the front? When your “brother” is Cain and you were born Abel, how do you stop loving him? How to get rid of anger, despair and fear and find the strength to keep on living after the death of your loved ones? He loved her, but he chose war because he couldn’t live otherwise. But what should she do alone, with an unborn child in these times of hybrid war? To survive, she needs an answer.
Directors: James Robertson (Australia), Jochen Gehle (Germany)
Actors: Veronika Streltsova, Slava Krasovska, Kira Meshcherska (Ukraine)
Performance was created as a part of Worldwide Ukrainian Play Readings.
when: 21.08, 15:00
where: Les Kurbas Centre (Volodymyrska 23V, Kyiv)
This performance is a part of PRO.ACT Fest – annual International Theatre Festival in English. Founded in 2018. This year in spite of Russia war on Ukraine, PRO.ACT Fest V gets just bigger. We united 20 international theatres in support of Ukraine.
tickets to Kyiv section of the Festival are available at:
Aug 20 admission (300uah)
Aug 21 admission (300uah)
Aug 20-21 – 2-days admission (500uah)

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