Magic Tricks Show: How to be a Superhero with Samuel Giannangeli

Everybody dreams of being a Superhero. But where do you learn how to become one? The answer is : here, in theatre Hub.
« How to be a Superhero in one hour » is an unusual magic show with audience- participation and a lot of comedy.
Don’t miss this long-awaited conference! Samuel will guide you through all the steps to help you to develop your super-powers. So come with your underwear on the outside and be ready to save the world…

Samuel is an international magician, awarded in 2017 french championship of Magic (true) and who has performed in different theaters in Kiev (true). He’s famous all over the world (not-true-at-all).
His style is Magic Comedy : if the trick works, it’s magic. If it doesn’t, then, well, it’s comedy…

December 7, 7 pm
ProEnglish Theatre Hub (3 Smolenskaya)
Admission – 100 uah
Registration link – https://bit.ly/2M07AKE