Kyiv Storytelling Night

Kyiv Storytelling Night (under support of ProEnglish Theatre and Drama School) at Il Molino (15 Zolotovoritska, Kyiv).

Stories are an ancient form of communication. Stories transfer knowledge, stories create connection, and most of all stories are FUN.
How does storynight work? Simply put, we’re going to tell and hear stories. Who are the storytellers? Us! and You 🙂
Telling a story is not required but believe us, you’ll want to.

Everyone is invited to step on to the stage and tell a 5 to 10 minute personal, true story told in front of a bunch of supportive, friendly people. We’ll also have a couple games to feel the flow.

ProEnglish Family is all about creating a friendly English-speaking atmosphere, so we’ll make sure you get it;)

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