Into The Blue

‘Into the Blue’
Based on Morris Panych’s ‘Girl in the Goldfish Bowl’.
‘My mother says you know when you’ve grown up. It’s the moment you stop being happy and start remembering when you used to be’.
Where does childhood disappear to? Why do goldfish die so often? Why everything that seems to go on forever always ends? Absurd comedy about a young boy, who has just lost his goldfish. Little Amahl held the whole world together and with his death everything starts to fall apart. Until a mysterious stranger appears on the sea shore.
Isaac – Eugene Lebedyn
Sylvia – Natalia Ponomarova
Owen – Bill Stephenson
Mr. Lawrence – Chris Kelley
Miss Rose – Lilian LeVos
Special thanks to:
Eva Shevchenko-Golovko
Olga Prudka
Vladyslava Shchepinskaya
Maxim Zaitsev
Jordyn Ginnity
Alexei Pavlenko
Vladyslava Garkusha

ProEnglish Theatre