EXAM — lock up thriller (18+)

EXAM (18+)

Directed by Valeria Zubchenko

Candidate 1 — Anna Belousova
Candidate 2 — Irene Polovina
Candidate 3 — Marya Telizhenko
Candidate 4 — Nastya Kuzmenko
Candidate 5 — Stanislav Galyant
Candidate 6 — Ihor Karmanov
Candidate 7 — Alisa Kladovskaya
Candidate 8 — Alexey Pavlenko
Invigilator — Halyna Vinokurova

8 candidates! One vacancy! 80 minutes!

If you choose to leave this room for any reason you will be DISQUALIFIED.
If you spoil your paper intentionally or accidentally — you will be DISQUALIFIED.
If you try to communicate with Invigilator or the guard — you will be DISQUALIFIED!

There is ONE question before you and ONE answer is required.
WHAT is the question? WHERE is it? You have 80 minutes to figure it out!

And remember that the only rule in here are OUR rules!
What would YOU do to get the job you would kill for?

P.S. “Exam” is performed in English.
P.P.S. There is no entrance after the show has started. Please, don’t be late. Thank you for understanding.

Next show:
Aug 17 (Sat), 7pm
at ProEnglish Theatre Hub (3 Smolenska Str., Shuliavska Area, Kyiv)
Price: 150 UAH
Tickets: https://kiev.karabas.com/exam-4
OR — register and pay by card directly — https://bit.ly/2M07AKE