English Songs As Poetry

Aug 20 (Sat), 2pm
A special act for PRO.ACT Fest 2022. A poetry gig that opens to you the very heart of English songs. “English Songs as Poetry” – pick a song (or several) on English and deliver it as a poetry piece, as a theatre monologue or as a comedy sketch))
Performed by ProEnglish Theatre actors, DSP community members and any actor who has the heart to perform the lyrics.
Lyrics might be different, from Lady Gaga to Freddy Mercury, from Sting to Marilyn Manson. The only thing – they should be good lyrics and performed creatively. Or not))
For the performers: choose a song (or couple), get it approved with performance organizer Igor Karmanov https://facebook.com/corresponsible
rehearse with him and come shine bright on Aug 21 to PRO.ACT Fest
For the audience: join us Aug 20 to enjoy to enjoy the unique theatre/poetic/stand up performance in English
This performance is a part of PRO.ACT Fest – annual International Theatre Festival in English. Founded in 2018. This year in spite of Russia war on Ukraine, PRO.ACT Fest V gets just bigger. We united 20 international theatres in support of Ukraine.
tickets to Kyiv section of the Festival are available at:
Aug 20 admission (300uah)
Aug 21 admission (300uah)
Aug 20-21 – 2-days admission (500uah)

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