Do Nothing!

Do Nothing
A dystopian journey to the subconsciousness.

Do Nothing is a story of a person fighting his anxiety, fears and trying to reach his freedom. Do Nothing is based on the modern German play The Dog, the Night, and the Knife. M, the protagonist, appears in the town where everybody is obsessed with the idea of eating him in one way or another. All the 10 characters are nightmarish shapeshifters played by the 2 actors.
Different elements of physical theatre, horror, thriller, noir, romantic comedy, western, and Franz Kafka – all combined with the eccentric humour.

M – Daniil Prymachov
The Dogman – Valerii Symonchuk
The Policeman – Valerii Symonchuk
The Patient – Valerii Symonchuk
The Doctor – Valerii Symonchuk
The Dog – Valerii Symonchuk
Younger Sister – Kateryna Khozroshyna
Older Sister – Kateryna Khozroshyna
The Criminal – Kateryna Khozroshyna
The Lawyer – Kateryna Khozroshyna
The Nurse – Kateryna Khozroshyna

Theatre Director – Tetiana Shelepko
Physical theatre consultant – Ivan Zavertaliuk

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21.03 (Sat) 19:00Do Nothing!
ProEnglish Theatre Hub
Kyiv, 3 Smolenska
200 UAH