Bar Tenderness

We got different customers here: funny, sad, desperate, dumb… Bar Tenderness hits you like a shot of a good liqeur

4 mini-plays by 4 different directors.

“Bloody Mary” directed by Vladimir Zubkov.
Cast: Man – Alex Borovenskiy, Woman – Tania Shelepko

“Favors” by Julianne Homokay. Directed by Helen Pysarenko.
Cast: Alison – Nastya Vesnyanka, Pennie – Anabell Ramirez

“Puzzles” by Horace Holley. Directed by Nastya Vesnyanka.
Cast: Fred – Oleg Sobolev, Marian – Anabell Ramirez, George – Vladimir Zubkov, George’s wife – Helen Pysarenko

“Philadelphia” by a play of David Ives. Directed by Anabell Ramirez.
Cast: Al – Alex Borovenskiy, Maggie – Tania Shelepko, Waitress – Helen Pysarenko.
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