mono-drama performance by Yurii Radionov, an actor of theatre and cinema. One hour of powerful acting, professional choreography and a story by Bulgakov. In English.

Can a chair stick in the air? Sure, if a man hooks it up.
Can a man hook himself up in the air the same way? Depends. If a man really depends on another person… a woman… or sweets… or fears… Anything. What’s next? Voices in your head get louder, shadows grow bigger. Everything loses its colour and taste.

The only way off the hook is escape. Running faster in order not to stumble, not to fall… Running faster up to the point. Will it be the turning point or the point of no return?

AMORPHINE, one-act life of Dr Polyakov. The story that hooks you up. Straight through your eyes. Straight through your ribs.

solo performance in English by Yurii Radionov
directed by Alex Borovenskiy/Yurii Radionov/
based on «Morphine» story by Mikhail Bulgakov

28.02 (Fri) 20:00SPECIAL EVENT at PRO.ACT Fest 2020
Kyiv, Les Kurbas Centre (23V Volodymirska)
200 UAH