Absurd Comedy Night

Absurd Comedy Night

15 Absurd Comedy sketches brought to you by ProEnglish Theatre actors and Drama School graduates. Monty Python meets Manha Manha in the Theatre. Was a big hit back then. Have a nice watch!

“When the creator of the Universe was a child, he had a big problem with choosing things. He would think for hours whether to choose a bicycle or a skateboard for his birthday… And many things like that. Even today, instead of sticking to oranges or grapefruits, he orders his fresh to be made of both – 50% oranges, 50% grapefruits”.

Idea and general direction by Владимир Зубков

We will be happy to see you at our show.

Absurd Comedy Night ONLINE Streaming
Mar 29 (Sun) 7pm (GMT+2)
Free admission
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