Where Women Lie, performance

news - Where Women Lie, performance
graduation performance of ProEnglish Drama School Group 62 – Performance Course
coached and directed by Valeria Leif
A lie is a simple thing.
Quite often, it’s harmless.
But the tricky part is – one wrong step and it can turn into a complete disaster.
“Where women lie” – is a dark comedy-drama show.
1 wardrobe. 3 stories. 9 women. And tons of lies.
You can laugh at them, you can judge them, you can sympathize with them, you can despise them. But this brief glimpse into these women’s lives will not leave you unmoved.
Intriguing, bright, hilarious show.
“Where women lie” is a bitter cocktail made of weird friendships, lots of cheating, deaths and glitters.
Duration of the show: 1 hour 40 minutes
Show is 12+
Admission: 150 UAH

ProEnglish Theatre