Theatre Society. Episode 1. Polina Poliakova

news - Theatre Society. Episode 1. Polina Poliakova

Theatre Society Guest:
Polina Poliakova
Ukrainian actress and performing artist

Polina is a former student of ProEnglish Drama School, Kyiv International University and Højskolen Snoghøj

Polina shares her experience of

  • studying performing arts in Denmark
  • working in Slovak theatre
  • Living Book method, drama therapy and social relevance of theatre
  • visiting re-educational centres with theatre trainings
  • living through times of Covid and full-scale war in Ukraine being alone in foreign country

The additional audio is part of Here Is A Girl artistic video directed by Lyza Iliusenko and acted by Polina Poliakova.

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The podcast is aimed to share the experiences of theatre makers and artists of other fields in their attempt to connect theatre with communities they live in. It stands for Education and Art as pillars of society development.Created by Anabell Ramires, actress and director of ProEnglish Theatre, CEO of ProEnglish Drama School, Kyiv, Ukraine.

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