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New Edition of Scenes Course is here already!
Updated programme, adopted schedule, safe location and loads of Acting in English!
💥 Our goal is to give you the space of game and education, English-speaking environment and possibility to feel good
– How?
You’ll play your favourite characters from movies and series in English on stage. After having numerous acting trainings and fun, of course 🙂
– Why in English?
Because to act is to breath, and to act in English is to breath fire 🔥
💥 Open Session: Sep 1, 18:00-20:00 (price: 200 uah)
💥Start of the Course: Sep 6
Scenes course is 2 month duration.
16 sessions.
🔺️Session №8 – mini performance
🔺️Session №16 – full Scenes course graduation show
🗓TUE 18:00-21:00 and THU 18:00-21:00
Ⓜ️ProEnglish Theatre Hub.
(Kyiv, 3 Smolenska st., Shuliavska area). It is a safe underground space (!)
Price: 3200uah/8 sessions
🔻pre-intermediate + level is required to start. The higher – the better
🔻Full immersion into English during every session.
👉 Coach of the course – Alex Borovenskiy, director and acting coach

Alex Borovenskiy

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