RAW: Relief Acting Workshop with Alina Zievakova

news - RAW: Relief Acting Workshop with Alina Zievakova

RAW: Act it out on Camera

All of us have gone through noticeable or subtle internal changes in our life, routine, values, self-perception. We suggest to look at yourself in the eyes of this new world order, to meet yourself and to have a conversation through the lens of the camera. We suggest you to testify your new self, to realize it, to tell YOUR story, to share it with others and to archive it in an artistic “movie-like” way. Together, with a help of camera acting techniques, we will willingly and consciously make a step of accepting the changes we all experience.

Coach: Alina Zievakova, film and theatre actress, female lead in “Rhino” by Oleh Sentsov, which you can watch on Netflix, ProEnglish Drama school coach of numerous film acting courses

when: July 17, 12:00-15:00
where: ProEnglish Theatre Hub (Smolenska 3, Shulyavka, Kyiv)
language: English
price: 250 uah (we donate 20% to Ukrainian Army)

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