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This week, the theme is stories from school. Tell us about something that happened in class, or during an excursion. Maybe you met someone in kindergarten who turned out to be a lifelong friend, or an enemy until the day you could finally get out of that place. Did you have a favorite teacher? Maybe you were the teacher’s pet, or the class clown. Let us know. Everyone has a story.
After each story, people are invited to respond. Guests can ask for clarification, or tell the storytellers the best part, or the worst part, or how to make it better. If you are so brave, let the audience give you some feedback!
March 19 at Il Molino, we’ll start by telling two-minute stories to get everyone acquainted and in the mood for storytelling.
The main event features people getting on stage to tell 5-minute personal, true stories in front of a bunch of supportive, friendly people.
Please think about your story, and send a rough outline to FOST James Martin (


) and FOST Mariya Bozhkova (


). This way, we will know that you are serious about telling a story.
You are encouraged, but NOT required to send an outline.
We are looking forward to hearing your stories!

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