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Hero’s journey with Camera
Relief Acting Workshops become a course!
Film actress and the creator of RAW Alina Zievakova has been preparing a special program that we launch on 14th of August 😍
Hero’s journey with Camera
Last 5 months it feels like our lives have been put on pause, like whatever we feel is not valid and whatever we do is not enough …
So we suggest to shift the focus and allow ourselves finally
become a main character of the story we all share 💥
⁃ the course is designed as series of trainings to follow the classical concept of “hero’s journey” (Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell)
⁃ Every second session you’ll work with the camera and use film acting techniques to reflect and discuss the stories that have to be documented.
⁃ Final result of the course: video-portrait of your current self and documented stories.
⁃ The course leads to better wellbeing, relief, fun, practice of acting techniques, psychological support, English-speaking environment and new friends.
Schedule: every sun 12:00-15:00
Language: English
Duration: 8 sessions
Price: 3800 UAH
350 UAH for one time session
Coach: Alina Zievakova
Place: safe space in a Art Shelter, ProEnglish Theatre Hub (Smolenska 3)

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