Casting to ProEnglish Theatre. Boys Wanted

news - Casting to ProEnglish Theatre. Boys Wanted

Auditioning to new and existing projects of ProEnglish Theatre.
Male characters needed. We need boys!!
Only professional/experienced male actors with fluent English and decent accent. If you are one — apply. If you know one — let them know and share!

If you:
— want to become a part of one of the fastest growing independent theatres that performs, rehearses and stages in English
— want to perform in Kyiv, tour Ukraine and at International and Ukrainian festivals
— wanna grow as a professional, get new skills, useful contacts, expand your portfolio and improve your English

— are a professional actor/actress
— speak fluent English with no/minimal accent

Step 1 — Record an acting slate talking about you, your acting experience, your English language experience and why you need us. 2-5 min, upload it to youtube or such and send it to proenglishtheatre@gmail.com (don’t forget to mention all your contacts: full name, phone number, email, FB link in the letter)
Step 2 — if you’re in for Step 2 — we’ll get back to you))

PS note that at the moment we’re in no position to offer any money compensation for the acting. Great portfolio, photos videos of you acting, working with cool directors, acting workshops, travelling with our shows and ProEnglish Family — you’ll get all that jazz!)

Any questions — contact Alex by (063) 462-71-24 or https://facebook.com/alex.borreau/