Broken Record graduation show

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Broken Record
A graduation performance of Group 68
2×2 performance course
Coach: Valerie Leif
Director: Anabell Ramirez
There are moments when your record is broken. The past holds you, not allowing to move on.
This is what happened to Rob, the protagonist of our story.
Maybe we’ll show you how to stop creating the lists of exes.
Perhaps we can tell you how to value those who value you.
But most likely, we will not teach you anything, but simply share a little story of one breakup.
Based on the High Fidelity TV show
April 25 (Sun), 15:00
ProEnglish Theatre Hub (Kyiv, 3 Smolenska street, Shuliavska area)
Free admission, register https://proenglishtheatre.com/playbill/performances

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