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«BAR TENDERNESS» an archive performance of ProEnglish Laboratory. Staged and directed by ProEnglish Drama School coaches. Acted by them as well. There you have a chance to see Alex Borovenskiy, Anabell Ramirez and Tanya Shelepko on stage!

This place heard more confessions than a psychotherapist’s couch. More strangers’ stories to keep you awake on a train.
You’re sure those two chatty girls at the table next to you are discussing clothes and lipstick?
How about those two in love over the menu? You think they come and leave together? Think again…

Stories happening next to you while you’re brooding over a long drink or having a shot.
Stories that can happen to you…
Or haven’t they yet?

4 mini-plays by 4 different directors

«Philadelphia» by a play of David Ives. Directed by Anabell Ramirez.
Cast: Al — Alex Borovenskiy, Markus — Vladimir Zubkov, Waitress — Helen Pysarenko

«The Puzzles» by Horace Holley. Directed by Nastya Vesnyanka.
Cast: Fred — Oleg Sobolev, Marian — Anabell Ramirez, George — Vladimir Zubkov, George’s wife — Helen Pysarenko

«Bloody Mary» by a play of Greg Vovos. Directed by Vladimir Zubkov.
Cast: Mary — Tanya Shelepko, Joe — Alex Borovenskiy, Grandmother — Nastya Vesnyanka, Policman — Taras Bosak, Savior — Anabell Ramirez.

«Favors» by Julianne Homokay. Directed by Helen Pysarenko.
Cast: Alison-Nastya Vesnyanka, Pennie- Anabell Ramirez

Bar Tenderness
May 17 (Sun) 7 pm (GMT+3)
Free admission
Registration link: https://bit.ly/2M07AKE
Link to the streaming: https://youtu.be/SS-wLadshv8