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drama school - RAW Relief Acting Workshops

RAW Relief Acting Workshop. Working on transforming different emotions and experiences into game-like exercises, in order to take a small step towards self-help and taking care of ourselves (which is crucial to go on helping others). 3 hours workshops dedicated to your well-being and release at least a part of the burden we all, in our own ways, carry on our shoulders.

Based on

  • Augusto Boal`s techniques of the system “Theatre of The Oppressed”
  • Playback theatre methods
  • Les Kurbas philosophy of acting

Conducted by acting coaches Alina Zievakova, Natalia Vainilovich, Alex Borovenskiy well-experienced in using drama therapy for treating PTSD

Location: at ProEnglish Drama School (Kyiv, 3 Smolenska)
Time: every Sunday 12:00-15:00
Participants: anyone willing 18+, up to 15 people
Language: English or Ukrainian
Admission: free

And of course, the most important – live communication, hugs and smiles to be shared!
Glory to Ukraine!

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