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On the character

drama school - On the character

To all you actors out there. Any work on the character is good. No one way of working on the character is sufficient. There is no unique panacea way to understand and create your character. Some things work better with particular actors. Some things work better in particular scenes, for particular purposes of stage, etc. I’m giving you various ways of working on your character. Try them all. Do not reject any. Try them all. Some of them will work for you specifically. Create your own ones. Try them all. We all walk thousand miles and try different characters until we breathe life into the character. Which is supposed to be full and complicated and contradictory. As life itself. Work on your character during preparatory period extensively. And then — exhale… and let the character inhabit you. You don’t create the character. It stays out there waiting for a particular actor to inhabit. Let him do it. Preparation work open the gates for the character.

And one more thing — do the extensive work on your character during preparation period and at rehearsal. At the show — exhale and let it happen. Allow yourself to be affected and react to the other characters and events of the show. The preparation stays with you working on subconscious level. Always.