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Shakespeare Plays

At the course we practice main principles of working with the text of Sir William. We also pick the best scenes from his most famous scenes and act them out. Best scenes and monologues make it to the graduation performance.

Weapon and equipment

ProEnglish Drama School partner up with «Fantasy Forge» company for «Acting Shakespeare» course. You'll act with the replicas of real weapon of that epoch some costumes will also be there.

English Only

You will get into the English-speaking atmosphere of ProEnglish Hub where everyone speaks English only. It's like a small LA drama school in Kyiv!

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To be or not to be?

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Scott Stephenson

Actor, teacher, professional acting coach, expert in Shakespeare

Born in Canada Scott studied acting in Dalhousie University and York University (MFA in acting). After that he pursued his career in theatre actor (7 different theatre companies), film actor (3 films) and acting coach (multiple workshops and courses on Acting Shakespeare and fundamentals of acting).

At the moment Scott Stephenson resides in Ukraine and teaches Acting Shakespeare course in ProEnglish Drama School. He is know for a thorough analysis of iambic pentameter, attention to every detail of student delivery and very lively demonstration when needed).


  • It’s over, Great Scott, it’s over, and I am missing our classes, that crazy strange laughing during the rehearsals and all these old English words of Shakespeare needed to be learned by heart. I didn’t believe that I would be able to come out and play so many strange phrases and inner monologues. Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Macduff, Siward and a witch, I tried to play all of them and tried to do my best. There were 10 of us but due to you we managed to build one unit and “didn’t give eternal jewel to the common enemy of man.

    Jane Bodnar

  • Irresistibly seductive. That;s about acting Shakespeare course. However hard it may seem at the beginning. it’s worth of it. I like that Scott Stephenson makes experiments with text, words, emotions. I believe that experiments create the real art.

    Viktoria Kriukova

  • Scott Stephenson is teaching Shakespeare with the easiness of breezing. So, iambic pentameter became easy and dear to each student. Scott, thanks a lot for your sincere love for acting Shakespeare (lucky we are – it turned out to be contagious!))) and for being so generous with the students sharing your wonderful acting skills, knowledge and emotions. 💜 The only limits we had: time and individual abilities to learn fast. Thanks for friendly easy-going atmosphere, for patience and empathy. Lucky I am – Lucky we are.

    Liudmila Liutova

To be or not to be?

We chose «TO BE», join us!

Acting Shakespeare

16 sessions, 3 hours each to get your Shakespeare right. Twice a week, so the complete course is 2 months.


  • Working with the original texts of the Great Bard
  • Acting skills lifehacks from a Canadian actor
  • Acting on stage with the replicas of real weapon of that time
  • Graduation performance of the best scenes and monologues from most famous plays of Sir William

Grab your chance:

  • To act in: «‎Hamlet», «‎12th night», «‎Tempest» and more
  • Become Iago, King Lear, Juliet, Lady Macbeth and more
  • Meet a great bunch of English-speaking people
  • Get some cool acting experience

To be or not to be?

We chose «TO BE», join us!