Valerie Leif

Valerie — the most sound coach at ProEnglish Drama School. Opera singer by diplome, actress at ProEnglish Theatre, conductor, acting coach, vocal coach and accent coach. She’s a very creative and active person sharing her knowledge and experience with her students.

In ProEnglish Drama School she staged:

Casino Monologues (best monologues 2017)

Relationshit Happens

House of Rising Sin
English Songs as Poetry

Park Station


Valerie has taught the following Groups at ProEnglish Drama School: Group 9, Group 13, Group18, Group 20, Group 26, Group 32, Group 35

She might as well teach yours!)

Current Groups with Valerie Zubchenko
Marvelous SCENES GROUP (Mon 19:00-22:00 Sat 11:00-14:00)

Accent Reduction Group Online (Mon Fri 15:00-16:30)
Individual classes of VOCAL in English
Individual classes of ACCENT REDUCTION in English