Tanya Shelepko

Tanya Shelepko was an actress in Вавилон theatre for 5 years. She has various work experience working for Tychina museum, Event Manager Assistant at PR-Time, teaching English in Kyiv business lyceum. There she founded Sirius theatre studio, staged several performances that took part in international festivals. She has also worked for Green Forest language school.
At this stage of her life Tanya is an acting coach at ProEnglish Drama School, theatre director at ProEnglish Theatre and someone important at Cambridge University Press.
She likes languages, does oil painting, writes strange songs, plays guitar, goes camping.

At ProEnglish Drama School Tanya taught Group 5, Group 17.

At ProEnglish Drama School Tanya Shelepko has staged: «Table for One,» «Suitcase Monologues,» «Turning Point Stories,» «Stories by O,» «The Cage», «Don’t Keep Calm»,
performances «7 Stories», «Slam!»

At ProEnglish Theatre she has directed «The Birthday Party» (by Harold Pinter), «Vdali» (by Salvador Dali diaries), «DoNothing» (by Meyenburg)

Current Groups with Tanya Shelepko
SCENES GROUP (Group 36) (Tue 19:00-22:00 Sat 11:00-14:00)