Edgar Haley

Edgar Haley
Accent/Dialect Specialist (NYC)
Polyglot (Eng/Rus/Fra/Spa/)

Born in New York to a Russian-speaking family, Haley Edgar dedicated his adolescence and early adulthood to the intense study of several languages, with a keen focus on speech sounds and attaining native-like pronunciation skills.

Haley Edgar’s expertise involves elocution training and dialect modification for native speakers as well as accent acquisition training for learners of English, French, Spanish, and Russian. He has experience working with clients from Austria, Russia, Ukraine, the United States, Canada, China, and France, as well as with several English learning schools, and focuses on tailoring a unique, science-based, and descriptive program to each individual learner and their goals.

No stranger to the stage, Haley Edgar has been a competing dancer for the last 15 years, performing in countries like the USA, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Egypt, and more. One of the key elements of a good dance performance is the ability to immerse yourself entirely into the character of a dance and leave your day-to-day self off the stage. This immersive approach is important to Haley Edgar when teaching matters regarding voice and accent skills in order to help students passively develop new habits and techniques without digging too deep into the process.

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