Anabell Ramirez

Heart and soul of ProEnglish. Creative, energetic and very dedicated. Also, our Belle is hard not to like.
Also Anabell is an actress in ProEnglish (main character in «The City Was There», «Hamster Saga», «The House of Yes», “Heavenly Creatures”, “Blondi”, “Forgetting Othello” and others) and teaches Spanish at Іспанська на Дарниці! Also she founded her own publishing house – Makondo Publications and organizes cultural events.

She’s also a theare director and acting coach. Anabell staged monologues and Bar Tenderness episodes at ProEnglish Drama School, led Directors Course and also directed graduation performance of Group 22 “Gone with the Secs” that took part in PRO.ACT Fest 2019. At ProEnglish Theatre Anabell Ramirez co-directed “Heavenly Creatures” performance and we’re all looking forward her new one of “ICE”, the tender performance of love;)


nearest performances with Anabell

ProEnglish TheatrePerformances  
Apr 11 (Sun) 19:00
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ASHES TO ASHESProEnglish TheatreProEnglish Theatre Hub
Apr 15 (Thu) 19:00
AMORphineProEnglish Theatreцентр Леся Курбаса, Володимирська 23В
Apr 17 (Sat) 19:00
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ICEProEnglish TheatreProEnglish Theatre Hub
Apr 25 (Sun) 19:00
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Heavenly CreaturesProEnglish TheatreProEnglish Theatre Hub
ProEnglish Drama SchoolShows
Apr 10 (Sat) 19:00
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Friends Scenes Course Graduation ShowProEnglish Drama SchoolProEnglish Theatre Hub
Apr 25 (Sun) 15:00
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Broken Record graduation showProEnglish Drama SchoolProEnglish Theatre Hub

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