Alex Borovenskiy

Our Alex)) Founder and executive director of ProEnglish Drama School and ProEnglish Theatre and Druzya Language School. Actor and director with 5+ years of experience with independent theatres (Маскамрад, Splash Theatre, 3S, Kyiv Players, ProEnglish Theatre). As an experienced TEFL teacher and acting coach Alex always says “English is my profession, Theatre is my passion”

Alex taught the following groups at ProEnglish Drama School: Group 0, Group1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, Group 15, Group 37

He staged over 100 m0nologues and dialogues, 2 performances of ProEnglish Drama School and 5 performances of ProEnglish Theatre

ProEnglish Drama School

The City Was There (by Ray Bradbury)

Something in The Mist (by Stephen King)

ProEnglish Theatre

Hamster Saga (by Yasmina Reza)

Cripples of Inishmaan (by Martin McDonagh)

The House of Yes (by Wendy MacLeod)

AMORphine (by Mikhail Bulgakov, co-production with Yurii Radionov)

Swipe Left (by Harold Tinder)

Current Groups with Alex
Black Mirror Scenes Course TUE THU 19:00-22:00, Start Jul 07, 2020
Acting workshops