Pavlo Moroz

Pavlo Moroz, one of the most characteristic actors at ProEnglish Theatre.

He can play anyone: a brutal gangster assistant (The Birthday Party), the kindest man in the company with a secret (Swipe Left), demanding husband (Ashes to Ashes) and even a whimsy mom (Heavenly Creatures)

Pavlo graduated from Cherniy Kvadrat improvisation theatre that gives a lot of lightness and spontaneity to his characters. At the same time he’s an actor with the most thorough preparation to the role including working on the accent and deepest analysis of the character.

At ProEnglish Theatre Pavlo Moroz acted in:
THE BIRTHDAY PARTY (directed by Tanya Shelepko)
SWIPE LEFT (directed by Alex Borovenskiy)
HEAVENLY CREATURES (directed by Ihor Karmanov)
ASHES TO ASHES (directed by Tanya Shelepko)
PANIC! (directed by Tanya Shelepko)

ProEnglish TheatrePerformances  
Jul 23 (Sat) 19:00
Bloom In ViolenceKyiv, UkraineLes Kurbas Centre, 23V Volodymyrska
Jul 24 (Sun) 18:00
The Book Of SirensKyiv, UkraineProEnglish Theatre, 3 Smolenska
ProEnglish Theatre