Kateryna Hordiienko

A bright, fragile, textured personality with a heavy, strong gaze. Capable of the eccentric lightness of a buffoon in the performances of the “Akterstvo” theater and just as confidently leads the red line of the mythical Eurydice in the performance of the New Opera. Actress-transformer, capable of impersonation both internally and externally. Dramatic, documentary, physical theater, opera – confidently transforms into any genre and any role.

Took part in:

Akterstvo Theatre , director L. Ponomarenko:
1. “Cycle” ,
2. “Particles”
3. “Rebirth”

Proenglish Theatre
1. “Our ResponsAbility” , director V.Havura
2. “Naïve Experiments, part I” director A. Borovenskiy

Opera Aperta
“GENESIS. Opera of memory” , director R.Grygoriv

ProEnglish Theatre