Kateryna Khozroshyna

Kateryna is a very expressive and flexible actress. As an actress who can sing and do physical theatre Kateryna has and will bè engaged in the widest range of projects

Her acting way includes:

Вокзал (Кармен, авторский проект Л.Пономаренко)

Щасливці (Творча колаборація “Щасливці”)

Cycle (Blind Girl, akterstvo teatr)

Fountainhead (The Bride, akterstvo teatr)

Stories Among Us (Sylvia, ProEnglish Drama School)

The Door (The Woman, akterstvo teatr)

Hamster Saga (Veronica, ProEnglish Theatre)

DoNothing (woman, ProEnglish Theatre)

The Birthday Party (Lulu, ProEnglish Theatre)

Swipe Left (ProEnglish Theatre)

ProEnglish Theatre