Elina-Alem Kent

Elina-Alem Kent, is a Crimean Tatar American interdisciplinary documentary storyteller.

The formats of her work have spanned from interactive performances, theatre, film, podcasts, exhibits, to virtual reality. Alem aims to bring different cultures and audiences together to experience new stories and forms of storytelling featuring the strength and inspiration from Ukraine and Crimea.

Alem was part of ProEnglish Theatre’s produciton of Our ReponsAbility (2022). She wrote and performed the multi media theatre performance “24 Feb” (2022). She directed the documentary theatre performances The Vagina Monologues and Yoni Ki Baat at Boston University (2019).

Alem filmed and directed the short documentary film “Teneta (Nets)” (2021) which premiered during the main program of Kosmos Tabir’s Найбудекiно and was the creator and producer of the documentary film “Crimean Solidarity: The fight for freedom in Russian-occupied Crimea” (2020).

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