Daniil Prymachov

Daniil Prymachov, a film and theatre actor.

Graduated from Karpenko-Karyi University.
Used to work in Lesi Ukrainki Theatre.
Currently acts in ProEnglish Theatre and DSP theatre, acts in movies, short films and commercials.

His nervous and vulnerable characters alongside with his intelligence, sense of humour and a charming smile make Daniil a valuable addition to any project.

In ProEnglish Theatre Daniil Prymachov acts in

DO NOTHING (directed by Tanya Shelepko
FORGETTING OTHELLO (directed by Alex Borovenskiy)

ProEnglish TheatrePerformances  
Jul 23 (Sat) 19:00
Bloom In ViolenceKyiv, UkraineLes Kurbas Centre, 23V Volodymyrska
Jul 24 (Sun) 18:00
The Book Of SirensKyiv, UkraineProEnglish Theatre, 3 Smolenska
ProEnglish Theatre