Anabel Ramirez

Anabell Ramirez, an actress and a model.

An open heart and an actress of fire. Our Belle. Due to her explosive latinoamerican temper and sincerity Anabel plays the parts of moody girls, foxy ladies and women on the verge of a nervous breakdown (howdy, Almodovar). Her exotic appearance and acting make the characters Anabell plays very memorable. Also – she’s the heart and soul of ProEnglish.

in ProEnglish Drama School:

The City Was There

Retablo de Maravillas (joint project with Taras Shevchenko University students in Spanish)

Something In The Mist

The Man from Earth

Bar Tenderness


in ProEnglish Theatre:

Hamster Saga (lead – Anette Raleigh) (directed by Alex Borovenskiy)

The House of Yes (lead – Jackie-0) (directed by Alex Borovenskiy)

HEAVENLY CREATURES (directed by Ihor Karmanov)

FORGETTING OTHELLO (support – Emilia) (directed by Alex Borovenskiy)


Anabell Ramirez also directs:

Bar Tenderness (“Philadelphia” episode)

Gone With The Secs (ProEnglish Drama School)

Broken Record (ProEnglish Drama School)

ICE (ProEnglish Theatre)


Also Anabell Ramirez teaches Spanish language and owns Compás publishing house

ProEnglish TheatrePerformances  
May 02 (Mon) 19:00
The Book Of SirensBilbao, SpainBBK Kuna. FSForum
May 07 (Sat) 20:00
The Book Of SirensAranjuez, SpainTeatro Real Carlos III de Aranjuez
May 09 (Mon) 20:00
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The Book Of SirensMadrid, SpainTeatro EDP Gran Vía
May 12 (Thu) 20:00
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The Book Of SirensAlicante, Spainvenue TBD


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