«PRO.ACT» Fest


Feb 28-Mar 01, 2020 Kyiv will host III PRO.ACT Fest 2020 - international theatre festival in English.
Organized by ProEnglish Theatre, conducted under support of NSTDU and Les Kurbas Centre.

This year festival will be conducted under the topic "LIMIT/LESS". We aim at expanding theatre borders, involving the audience into the creative process, breaking the limits of our perception and judgment. Theatre performances of different caliber, acting workshops, exploration of theatre and human -are welcomed at PRO.ACT Fest 2020.

Official language of PRO.ACT Fest is English. We believe that English can be Fun. English can be Theatre!

Local and International Theatre groups performing in English are encouraged to apply. Please read PRO.ACT Fest 2020 Main Regulations before applying.

Application link to PRO.ACT Fest 2020 for Theatres in English

The deadline for applications is Dec 15, 2019


See you at PRO.ACT Fest 2020

Let There Be Theatre. Limit/less one!


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