«ProAct» Festival


Mar 01-03 Kyiv will host PRO.ACT Fest 2019 - English speaking theatre festival in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Organized by ProEnglish Theatre, conducted under support of NSTDU and Les Kurbas Centre.

This year festival will be conducted under the topic "Welcome to America". Vibrant theatre performances, musicals, workshops will make you feel like you're at Broadway. Or off-Broadway

This year Festival participants will include:
Dakh Theatre
Molodyy Theatre
Suzirya Theatre
ProEnglish Theatre
Lev Somov Studio
number of other theatre companies, participants from Hungary and Israel and more.
Lots of workshops.

Official language of PRO.ACT Fest is English. We believe that English can be Fun. English can be Theatre!

Admission - 100 UAH per day. With this you can attend any performances and workshops of the Festival during the day (*special events of PRO.ACT Fest: Dakh Performance on Mar 01 and Molodyy Theatre performance on Mar 03 are to be paid separately)

19:00Dakh Theatre (Kyiv)special event (at 136 Velyka Vasylkivska street!)TranzYT, theatre essence explorationFULL HOUSE!
10:30-11:30Official Opening Ceremonyday 2 tickets
11:30-13:00ProEnglish Drama School (Kyiv)performanceGONE WITH THE SECS, a clock play by Philip K. Dickday 2 tickets
13:00-13:45workshopSurprize Workshopday 2 tickets
13:45-14:15Serzh Velychanskyi, founder of Improv Club (Kyiv)performanceWORD MACHINE STORY, a solo improvday 2 tickets
14:15-15:00workshopTim Mirkin Workshopday 2 tickets
15:00-15:30Ian Millais (Canada)performanceALCHEMY, a prelude to the musicalday 2 tickets
15:30-16:30workshopPeter Mezey Kaufman workshopday 2 tickets
16:30-18:00Suzirja Theatre (Kyiv)performanceTHE SPECTERS, ghost performance by H. IbsenFULL HOUSE
18:00-19:00workshopActors Talk. Molodyy Theatre and other actorsday 2 tickets
19:00-21:40Somov Acting Studio (Kyiv)performanceTWO TICKETS TO BROADWAY, musical sketches in 2 actsday 2 tickets
10:00-10:35Merry Land (Chernihiv)performanceGRASSHOPPERS AND ANTS, a fairytaleday 3 tickets
10:45Charodey Theatre (Odessa)performanceWHILE AUTOMOBILE WAITS, O.Henry storyday 3 tickets
11:15"Eidos", student theatre of Kyiv National Linguistic University (Kyiv)
performanceSAN DIEGO, psychological dramaday 3 tickets
12:15-12:55AmaTea (Chernihiv)
performanceINGEGERD, Scandinavian taleday 3 tickets
13:00-14:00workshopActing for Kids with Roxolana Ludynday 3 tickets
14:00-14:15Yury Radionoff (Kyiv)performanceMORPHINE, A PRELUDE, solo performanceday 3 tickets
14:15-15:05Regenbogen-Einhorn Theater (Israel)performanceTHE MADMAN'S TALE, Demchog story with a violinday 3 tickets
15:00Molodyy Theatre (Kyiv)special event (at 17 Prorizna street!)THE CRUCIBLE, the witchhunt story by Arthur Millerspecial event
15:15-16:00workshopImprov Workshop with Serzh Velychanskyiday 3 tickets
16:00-17:00Peter Mezey Kaufman Laboratory (Hungary)performanceCOMEDY GOULASH, Ukrainian actors under Hungarian sauceday 3 tickets
17:00-18:00workshopAccent Reduction Workshop with Michelle Karpinskiday 3 tickets
18:00-20:00ProEnglish Theatre (Kyiv)performanceTHE HOUSE OF YES, dark comedy of family secretsday 3 tickets
21:00Official Closure Ceremonyday 3 tickets

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