Triple Espresso

Feb 12 (Sun) 19:00-20:00 at ProEnglish Theatre (3 Smolenska St.)

An evening of strong and extreme emotional entertainment…

Three one act plays by the students of ProEnglish Theatre Group 12

I. Call of the Revolution
Written by LEONID ANDREYEV, revised for production in Ukraine by E.R. GILLIATT

This one act play is about the intense and extreme patriotic emotions felt by all Ukrainians, and particular a young husband and his wife during the “Revolution of Dignity” on Maidan three years ago.

II. Farewell, my love…
Adapted from “Dangerous Liaisons” written by CHRISTOPHER HAMPTON

This short play is an intense emotional exert from the full play, Dangerous Liaisons. In this scene, Madame Tourvel is dictating her final letter to Vicomte de Valmont as she is dying in a convent with a broken heart. It is written and performed in the original OLD English language of the 17th century.

III. Traces of Memory
Written by ANN WUEHLER

This very powerful one act play looks at two unlikely people meeting by chance along old State Highway 50 in the Nevada desert near Las Vegas, each with their own unbelievable story of love, hate, and indifference to tell.

Triple Espresso, directed by Eric Gilliatt
Feb 12 (Sun) 19:00-20:00
ProEnglish Theatre Hub
3 Smolenska str. (Shuliavska metro station)