Jan 21 (Sun) 7pm

Sometimes we fight very hard to build a “perfect” relationship. And in one moment , we think that we’ve found a perfect one!
But then this perfections is destroyed by 3 lemons, the absence of desire to wash the dishes, lies about job, misunderstandings, drowning in the routine, stupid jealousy, which leads to disaster — things that are slowly destroying our “perfect” relationship
And only when everything is lying in ruins, we start to remember that once we’ve made a vow to stand by each other no matter what happens!
Only at this moment we remember all promises…
Wanna know what NOT to do when you are in a relationship? Come and see this Sunday at 7pm.

“Relationshit Happens”
Directed by Valeria Zubchenko
Music: Damien Rice + Kaleo
Les Kurbas Centre (23v Volodymyrska St.)
Tickets: 150 UAH