ProEnglish Drama School July Events

01.07.201910:00Teenage Camera ActingКурс актерской игры на камеру для подростков - на английском1400 UAH
03.07.201910:00Acting And English For Kidsworkshop for children at ProEnglish Theatre at Moloko Fest Odesafree admission
04.07.201919:00Acting Hollywood WayWorkshop for Adults at ProEnglish Theatre at Moloko Fest Odesa150 UAH
04.07.201920:45The Armando - Improv class graduation comedy performanceby Peter Mezey's Groupfree admission
09.07.201919:00Improvisation Skills with Peter Mezey (USA)Every TUE and THU, 7-10pm. 2 month/16 sessions2400UAH/month or 4500UAH/course (2 months)
14.07.201918:00Kyiv Story Night with Peter Mezey (USA)Storytelling Social EventFREE ADMISSION
15.07.201911:00English for Actorsспецкурс "Английский для Актеров". Детали (063) 462-71-24Записаться на бесплатное тестирование и знакомство с коучем (напишите "English for Actors" в комментариях)
20.07.201919:00EXAMperformance (18+)120 UAH
22.07.201919:00Acting from zero. Scene systemActing course for beginners. Mon and Wed, 7-10pm. 2 months / 16 sessions1800/month or 3400/course (2 months)
23.07.201919:00Final session of Group 26 Graduation Performance of Valeria Zubchenko's Groupfree admission
24.07.201919:00Final session of Group 28Graduation Performance of Nellie Petlick's (USA) Groupfree admission
27.07.201919:00SLAM!French Comedy of Family Values after Michel Fermaud's play Les Portes Claquent (The Doors Slam)100 UAH
30.07.201919:00Acting. Stage Performance Realunch of Group 26 with Valeria Zubchenko1800 UAH/month