English Stand Up Comedy Night

Apr 27 (Fri), 20:00, ProEnglish Theatre

ProEnglisherrrs! We keep exploring different aspects of performance and public presentations. Those who’d like to try themselves in stand-up comedy — here’s your chance. Feel free to prepare a 10-15 min stand-up comedy piece and deliver it from the stage as a real stand-up comedian. First and foremost, the goal here is to convey smth created by you. Yes, we wanna hear your thoughts and feelings about any funny topic of your choosing! But if the times are hard and the mentioned goods are in short supply, we suggest you prepare a comical adaptation of a monologue from a play or a book. What WILL NOT fly, however, is retelling a piece by another stand-up comedian. It’s not only about being funny, but being funny in your own unique way!
For more details — get in touch with Andrew Anisimov (https://facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004389078402) He runs this project. Discover a stand-up comedian in you!!

You can also come as the audience. Comedians need somebody to perform in fornt of after all 😉 The admission is 80 UAH, and tickets can be bought here: https://kiev.karabas.com/stand-up-cimedy-night