English Songs As Poetry — 5

Sep 03 (Sun), 7pm a ProEnglish Theatre Hub (3 Smolenska St.)

A joint project of Dead Poets Society and ProEnglish Theatre. A poetry evening that opens to you the very heart of English songs. «English Songs as Poetry» — pick a song and deliver it from the stage as a poetry piece, as a theatre monologue, as a part of your soul…

Performed by ProEnglish Theatre actors and Dead Poets Society members.

Lyrics might be different, from Lady Gaga to Freddy Mercury, from Sting to Marilyn Manson. The only thing — it should be good lyrics.

For the readers: choose up to 3 songs, get them approved with Alex (https://www.facebook.com/alejandroid.nikolaevich) and join the rehearsal process.

For the audience: come Sep 03 to enjoy the unique poetic performance in English.
Admission is 60 UAH.