«Best Petrol for Iron Souls»
Debut dialogues of ProEnglish Theatre Group 14
Directed by Anna Harnyk.

…she works at small gas station far from highways, lives a boring life with a boring boss who repairs cars and sells «best petrol for iron soul». But if your soul calls for adventures, they will find you done day even there. A funny girl, two nice women and the man you like, even your boss, can appear to be something else then they seem to be…

Come see this blend of crime, drama and comedy in the debut dialogues as performed by ProEnglish Theatre drama school students of Group 14.

May 19 (Sat) 8pm
«Best Petrol for Iron Souls»
ProEnglish Theatre Hub
3 Smolenska Str. (Shuliavska area)
Register here: http://goo.gl/forms/RA3z5lPAgy

Admission is 60 UAH. Tickets are available at the door. See you at the Best Petrol;)