7pm — SLAM!

news - 7pm — SLAM!

‘Slam!’ is a performance by group 17 of ProEnglish Drama School

Directed by Tanya Shelepko

Mother — Lora Bilous
Father — Youssef Abdelaal
Granny — Tetiana Gnedina
Arlen — Daria Shablienko
Daniel — Irene Pliushcheva
George — Алексей Шпак
Frank — Serhii Bochkarov
Pinkie — Eve Zaytseva
Old Man — Dmytro Prudnikov

Slam! is a light French family values comedy based on the Michel Fermaud’s play Les Portes Claquent (The Doors Slam).
The Father of the family Andrew and his wife Alice are trying hard to keep the house in order, but everything gets out of their control every day.

Their son Frank plays in a band throughout all nights and all of a sudden decides to get married to a 17-year-old girl Pinkie.
Granny plays poker with her new-found lover every night.
Their housemaid Arlen avoids responsibilities and plays guitar instead of cleaning the house.

And, finally, their daughter Danielle goes too far with her dream of becoming a film star involving George (the family lawyer, who is in love with Danielle) into her mysterious story.

1 hour of pure delight, comic dialogues and dynamic action will not leave you without fun and laugh.

Jun 23 (Sun) 7pm
ProEnglish Theatre Hub — 3 Smolenska, Shuliavska area, Kyiv
Admission: 120 UAH

Tickets are here: https://kiev.karabas.com/slam-1
OR register here in the «ProEnglish Drama School Events» section and pay by card with no fee 🙂 http://tiny.cc/3fd07y

P.S. “Slam!” is performed in English.
P.P.S. There is no entrance after the show has started. Please, don’t be late. Thank you for understanding.