ProEnglish Theatre Gift Certificates

news - ProEnglish Theatre Gift Certificates

ProEnglish Theatre gift certificate. 1 month of studying at ProEnglish Theatre.

Price: 1600 UAH
Order via the phone: +380(98) 709-36-68

For Christmas, give it to someone special


Rules for using ProEnglish Theatre Gift Certificate:

a) Certificate allows you to study one (1) month at ProEnglish Theatre (8 sessions, 3 hours each)

b) For the period of Certificate all bonuses for ProEnglisherrs are applicable (free speaking clubs and workshops, 50% discount for tickets, etc)

c) Certificate CAN be given and used by a third party

d) Certificate doesn’t mean immediate studies. Sometimes you’ll have to wait for the most applicable group.

e) Certificate is to be used within a year of its purchase.