ProEnglish Theatre Camp. Buky Canyon (Apr30-May01)

news - ProEnglish Theatre Camp. Buky Canyon (Apr30-May01)

An annual trip of ProEnglish Theatre people. Going camping — travelling with backpack, staying in the tent, singing around the fire, eating buckwheat, sleeping in sleeping bags — all that jazz…

This time we’ve chosen legendary Buky Canyon as the place of destination. One of the prettiest places in Ukraine, wonderful landscape and a great bunch of people — what else could you expect for a great holiday trip/

Departing from Kyiv 9am on Apr 30 (Mon) by public transportation — getting back to Kyiv on May 01 (Tue). Travel budget: bus tickets + food (around 400-600UAH, depends how much you eat and drink))

Jump into the adventure! Join ProEnglish Theatre Camp. Every ProEnglisherrr and Friends are invited. Register and get all the details necessary.

ps This is a language purism trip — we speak English only!