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😐 Pecha what?
Pecha kucha. 20 Powerpoint slides (images only), 20 seconds per slide. Six minutes, 40 seconds total. Developed by designers in Tokyo to keep presentations concise and fast-paced. Nowadays, Pecha kucha is one of popular business presenting tools, but we will make it a lot of fun! Serious fun…

🙃 I still don’t get it…
YouTube to the rescue. Here are a couple of examples of great pecha kuchas:
I love the spelling bee
20 seconds of courage

🤔 So what’s the point?
A bit of evening fun and the chance to hear some entertaining presenters, or to take to the stage and give a presentation yourself! All of the pecha kuchas will be loosely based around a theme.

📋 What’s the theme?
“What I Hate About Traveling”
And you can interpret this in any way you like, you can even tell us «What I Hate About Traveling? Nothing» and start telling about your 100% love!

I wanna participate!
🕺 What else do I need to know?
Think of your audience, keep it light and entertaining, make sure you have 20 slides of images and a good story, and take time to practice beforehand. In brief, “Enlighten us, but keep it short.”

🤝 Count me in. Where do I sign up?
Anyone who speaks English and wants to improve presentation skills can volunteer to present a “What I Hate About…” pecha kucha. Time will be limited, so we can only accommodate around 10 presenters.
Contact Tanya Shelepko and she will send you the presentation template with all the settings and answer all your questions.

And if you just want to watch — register and come!
👉 ProEnglish Pecha Kucha
Jan 20 (Sun) 17:00-18:00
ProEnglish Theatre Hub, 3 Smolenska
free entrance

Any questions: 098 709 36 68